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May. 5th, 2012


Life A Canadian BLOG - now on KINDLE

Life's A Canadian BLOG - my next book now available for KINDLE....at the deep discounted price of $1.99 !!! Hard copy will be available next week. http://www.amazon.com/Lifes-A-Canadian-BLOG-ebook/dp/B007ZJ5IAG/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1336248631&sr=8-5

Aug. 4th, 2010


My third solo album

For those remotely curious, my long lost third solo album -- a 
concept pop record about the rise and collapse of the LAST Top40 AM 
radio station in North America -- is now available for download.

The uninterrupted radio show version (featuring Bob Segarini doing 
between-song patter and humorous news, weather & traffic reports 
plus commercials a la "The Who Sell Out") can be found at iTunes, 
Rhapsody and here.

Or if you're just looking for the individual songs, remixed in 24bit, 
you can get 'em here.
As well as eMusic.
Drop me a line if you decide to make the investment and I'll send along 
better quality artwork and extensive liner notes about the fictitious 
radio station and how the album was created.

Jun. 18th, 2010


Video Widget

Mar. 5th, 2010



BUY MY BOOK! The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia is now available for pre-order!! After 12 years in the making, the CANOE.CA website will finally be in book form. Find out more and take advantage of early-bird pricing that includes a free CD! http://www.bullseyesongs.com/encyclopedia.html

Jan. 15th, 2010


Haiti Relief

I am donating 100% of sales from my first solo album "Broadcasts From The Twilight Zone" for $5.99 through Ebay to helping the victims in Haiti. The money will go directly to The American Red Cross upon completion of the transaction (Ebay collects it from my account).

Please find it in your heart to purchase a disc (I'll autograph it if you want) for a ...very needy cause.


Oct. 23rd, 2009



I have had the misfortune of being around a LOT of death my entire life. Though I've never before put a number to it, I estimate nearly 60 family and friends who've shuffled off this mortal coil (not the least of which was A Foot In Coldwater guitarist Paul Naumann this very week). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek_Xf2HTsZo

It was during the preparation for my father's funeral in 2007 that I got to see the workings of the business. And make no mistake, this is a business. I've had great respect for the caretaker industry -- it takes a lot of balls to be able to make a living off other people's misery and do it without looking like a parasite. This may explain my fascination with cable TV programs light "Six Feet Under" and "Dead Like Me".

Cemetery owners, however, seem to be a whole other breed entirely. They are the caboose on the funeral journey following the funeral home proceedings itself and they hold the fate of the dying (and those still living) in their hands. Through all those funerals I've had to attend, NONE have gone off flawlessly without some kind of hiccup where the cemetery is concerned. They can take me to task for this, but my overall impression from dealing with cemetery 'attendants' is a complete lack of care or empathy for the suffering. This is a real estate transaction for them. The dearly departed be damned. And after seeing an extreme version of what happens when you treat it like real estate and not a peaceful home for the departed -- Steven Speilberg's "Poltergeist" -- I kind of get my hackles up.

It must be a tough business for cemeteries now what with the cost of maintaining a large chunk of land that requires a certain influx of death to make it profitable. And with more people vying for cremation, cemeteries now have to hustle and compete for the dead. To that end, the plot thickens (pun intended).

The Fail Of The Week goes to Pine Hills Cemetery in Scarborough (where a good portion of my immediate family is actually buried) who have resorted to bulk mailings of this unbelievable piece of propaganda.

This postcard-like piece of junk mail has a picture of the sun coming up over the Earth from space. On it says: "Gene Roddenberry's Ashes Were Launched Into Space....what's YOUR plan?" It goes on to convince you to use them to pre-plan your funeral arrangements with subtle pleasantries. They even have a link to Roddenberry's story at http://www.mountpleasantgroup.com/GR

Not sure why...Roddenberry's final disposition wasn't handled by the Mount Pleasant Group.

Sep. 16th, 2009


Sci-Fi writer John Varley needs your help

A Canadian friend of Sci-Fi writer John Varley is in need of financial aid to help with post-chemo care and costs. John and other writers like Harlen Ellison are holding an auction to raise funds for writer Spider Robinson's wife Jean here:

Read info about the situation here:


Jul. 17th, 2009


Our new venture

Myself and the Rock Goddes have gone back into the magazine publishing business reviving our once illustrious Canadian music print magazine Great White Noise as a webzine. Check out issue #1 at http://www.gwntertainment.com

Jun. 11th, 2009


Reznor Bails On Social Networking

Can say I blame him:

Looking For Cover Versions of Louie Louie

The Louie Louie Project is the newest in a long line of tributes to the famous
1960's Kingsmen classic. And this time YOU can have your version on it. Click
the link, follow the directions and be part of a growing Louie Louie download


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